As of July 16, we will no longer be contracted with Delta Dental

Dear Valued Patient,

We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. We are writing regarding our relationship with Delta Dental, which will affect your dental coverage with KidSmiles.

As of July 16, 2024, our office will no longer be a participating provider with Delta Dental. Unfortunately, Delta Dental is making it harder for participating providers, like us, to provide optimum care for you.

We strive to maintain a practice where you see the same providers year after year with adequate time set aside for the dental needs of you and your family. We are unwilling to compromise on our quality of care and Delta Dental makes it difficult to uphold this. For these reasons, we are not contracted to any other insurance companies and are ending our contract with Delta Dental. Our contract and relationship are with YOU, our patient.

What does this mean for you?

  • YES! We still accept Delta Dental, as an out of network provider.
  • YES! You can still use your annual benefit for your dental care.
  • YES! We will continue to file your claims as a courtesy.
  • NO! We do not want you to go elsewhere, you are a valued member of our patient family.

What can you expect?

  • Delta Dental will likely send you a letter informing you that we are now an “out of network provider”. This letter is meant to encourage you to see an in-network provider because that is what is most profitable for Delta Dental.
  • A change in your level of coverage is possible; however, with most plans the difference between in and out of network is unknown until the claim is processed.
  • You will be asked for full payment on the date of service. Delta Dental will likely send you the check for your dental benefits. We have several options to help you with payment. Please come and talk to us.

Please understand we are making this change to safeguard the quality of care and customer service that you are accustomed to. Please contact our office with your questions and concerns. The entire team is dedicated to helping you navigate this change.


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