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KidSmiles welcomes all children and families to our practice. We look forward to meeting you and your child for The First Visit! Our 100% Open Door policy ensures your child’s comfort by knowing you will be present throughout the entire appointment. Bring your questions and concerns as we enjoy sharing our expertise and up-to-date oral health care information.

We pride ourselves in creating a positive First Visit experience. We establish trust with our younger patients and put them at ease. We will explain the dental chair, our equipment, and our tools in a fun and imaginative way. We ”show and tell” then “show and do” to make your child feel relaxed and comfortable. We understand that some children may be fearful and we are flexible in our approach and agenda.

Five Steps for Baby's First Dental Visit

Step 1
Examination by
Age 12 Months

  • Complete medical history
  • Knee-to-knee exam with guardian
  • Note clinical dental caries
  • Soft tissue irregularities
  • White-spot lesions, tongue anatomy
  • Enamel decalification, hypoplasia
  • Dietary staining

 Step 2
Caries Risk Assessment

  • Bottle or breast fed at night on demand
  • Non-water in bedtime bottle
  • Decalcification/caries present
  • No oral home care
  • Sugary foods, snacks

Step 3
Diet Counseling
for Infants

  • No juice or milk in bed
  • Sippy cups can encourage decay
  • Avoid sugar drinks, sodas
  • Encourage variety and a balanced diet
  • Low-sugar snacks
  • Fluorides – topical and systemic

Step 4
Oral Home Care
for Infants

  • Brush/massage teeth and gums 2x daily
  • Small, soft toothbrush
  • Tiny amount of toothpaste, with Fluoride
  • Guidance on thumb sucking, pacifier
  • Response for home accidents, trauma

Step 5
Future Visit

  • Based on Risk Assessment
  • At age one year
  • Two years if delayed in development

Step 6
Child's First Radiographs (X-rays)

  • Around 4 years of age, we will take your child's first dental radiographs (x-rays)
  • We have the newest and safest digital x-ray equipment
  • We are extremely skilled in making this procedure easy and fun for your child

Upon visiting our office, you will feel the warm attitude of our staff. Our dental professionals are highly trained, each bringing their own gentle touch to the practice of children’s dentistry. We understand the child’s need to go slowly and have things explained to them. We also have positive reinforcement charts for creating new habits like flossing or for giving up habits like a pacifier. Discovering our toy box is always a fun part of the visit. We reward your child for trying and doing their best.

Many parents want to know how often their child needs to come to the dentist. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a check-up each six months to prevent cavities and other disease. At each dental recall we check the growth and development of your child’s mouth and check for the need for braces.

We appreciate every patient in our practice. Please let us know if your child has any special needs. For your convenience we've provided forms for you to view and/or complete prior to your first appointment.

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